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Архиерейские облачения

Bishop (Bishop) - a representative of the highest degree in the hierarchy of the Orthodox clergy. Worthy defrocked bishop can only black clergy. Bishops are the receivers of the Apostles who, by the apostles choice, the counsel of the Holy Spirit passed the highest level of supervision and authority over the Christian community as the Apostles themselves moved on to spread the teachings of Christ. 

Bishops are endowed with the power to carry out all of the seven sacraments, and the downstream Sana'a - their assistants in the dispensation of the Holy Church of Christ..
Traditionally, the vestments are: sticharion, sakkos, Panagia, the stole, belt, cuffs, mace, omophorion and miter. Each element has its own clothing, special significance.
Sticharion (podsakkosnik) - white robe with short sleeves with laces (gammatami). Sticharion symbolizes purity and gammaty - the blood stream, which flows from Christ's hands and shackles, which he was bound.
Bands - sleeves, pulled together the laces. It symbolizes a reminder that the bishop celebrate the sacraments are not their own, but with the help of God's grace.
Stole - a tape from a fabric with a cross, worn over sticharion around the neck, which falls on the priest chest and fastened ends.
Sakkos - upper vestment Bishop, out of which you can see sticharion and stole. Sakkos symbolizes humility of Jesus and heralds of his robe.
Omophorion - a long strip of cloth, embroidered with crosses. There are small and great omophorion (almost always used great). Great omophorion worn over sakkos around Bishop's neck, and down one end on the back, and the other - on the chest. Without omophorion and stole the bishop may not perform service.
Belt - a symbol of service to God and divine power.
Mace - the symbol of the spiritual sword, which the priest struggling with disbelief. It is a board in the shape of a rhombus, which is hung on the right thigh.
Mitra - headdress sphere-like shape, often inlaid with colored stones, ornaments and small icons. It symbolizes the crown of thorns of the Savior.
Panagia - round image of Our Lady (less Savior) small size, which is often decorated with stones and worn on the chest.
In addition to these garments, a sign of the supreme authority in the Church, the bishop can use the wand or staff during the service. You can buy the vestments of the bishop in our online store at affordable prices and taking into account the observance of all the Orthodox tradition. Qualitative tailoring and better quality fabrics not only please your eye, but will provide many years of wear without unnecessary worry about repairs.

All the vestments of the image are only samples. From list choose the CAN You fabric for vestments in the section called "Church then of tissue" .


Архиерейские облачения белые/золото

Архиерейские облачения белые/серебро

Архиерейские облачения бордо/золото

Архиерейские облачения жёлтые/золото

Архиерейские облачения зелёные/золото

Архиерейские облачения красные/золото

Архиерейские облачения синие/золото

Архиерейские облачения синие/серебро

Архиерейские облачения фиолетовые/золото

Архиерейские облачения фиолетовые/серебро

Архиерейские облачения чёрные/золото

Архиерейские облачения чёрные/серебро

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Архиерейское облачение -Северная лоза Архиерейское облачение -Ирис Архиерейское облачение - Розы
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